Gratitude for help with issue at The Meadows


To the Editor:When vulnerable residents are suddenly displaced from their homes amid the disruption of major construction and mold remediation, the upheaval is deeply stressful and traumatic. The qualities of respect, patience, active listening, and knowledgeably answering the urgent questions that arise during a health and safety crisis such as the water damage and invasive mold that The Meadows recently experienced are essential to the overall recovery of the affected residents.The Residents of The Meadows, apartments #31, #33, #34, and #35, wish to express their deep appreciation to the Town of Manchester for its advocacy and daily vigilance during the recent water damage and mold crisis. We thank Select Board chairman Ivan Beattie and Leslie Perra, Human Resources and Operations Manager for the town of Manchester, for their initial assessment and documentation, and for listening and inviting our questions.We are especially grateful for the judicious observations and assessments, constancy of presence, and prompt responses to emails and phone calls of John O'Keefe, town manager. O'Keefe came by The Meadows every day, sometimes twice a day, while the construction and mold remediation were in process.We thank Mark and Jason of Eaton Construction for their professionalism, kindness and consideration in how they sealed off the affected area from the rest of the apartments, completed the construction with maximum efficiency, and answered the residents' questions with patience and respect throughout. Eaton Construction provided the daily reassurance of a project executed with knowledge and expertise. We thank Carl Grey of Home Maintenance Associates for informing us about what the steps of the mold remediation process were, giving us a timeline of how long it would take to complete it, and clearly answering questions about how the process would affect chemical sensitivities and chronic health issues.VT Tenants and The Council on Aging provided prompt, excellent advice and educational materials that continue to be invaluable to raising awareness and providing ongoing support to the residents. In the aftermath of this event, the residents of The Meadows stand strengthened in the silver lining of our mutual support. We hold in grateful memory the support of our families, friends and neighbors, and the above-mentioned team of professionals who made it their purpose to restore us to health and safety in our homes.Mrs. Bonnie Slade, #33William John Aupperlee, #34Rev. Claire Longtin North, #35Mrs. Mary Miner, #31



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