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To the Editor:

Lets get our facts straight. Yes, there was a recent online poll of only 1,005 adults on whether the killing of the terrorist Quassem Soleimani made the U.S. less safe. 55 percent or 552 people thought the U.S. was "less safe." This poll by far does not reflect the "majority" of the American people's opinion that America is "less safe."

The population of the United States is approximately 329 million, therefore a poll of only 1,000 people certainly is not credible enough to publish or even provide an opinion on. The fact is that Trump's decision to kill Soleimani saved American lives because there was credible evidence that imminent attacks against U.S. military were planned.

Negative commentaries that constantly trash the Trump administration and the Republican party in general are very misleading and disappointing to read in the Manchester Journal. Opinions that are not factual or relevant completely undermine and divide this area and the country.

We should be working together to find a common goal to unite the American people to solve issues instead of partisan fighting that is divisive and counterproductive.

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Let's start by reviewing some of President Trump's notable accomplishments over the past 3-plus years.

Under Trump's administration economic growth is at an all time high, 4 million new jobs were created including the manufacturing industry, median household income rose, and unemployment is at record lows.

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The First Step Law reforming the criminal justice system was signed with bipartisan support, and the Tax Cuts and Job Acts was signed making positive economic changes for tax reform.

Regarding healthcare, the Right to Try legislation was signed that expanded healthcare options for terminally ill, a law to improve cancer research and treatment for children was signed, a commission to combat addiction and the opioid crisis was created, and legislation to improve the national suicide hotline was signed.

Around the globe, allies have increased defense spending, the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act was signed, Mexico is enforcing immigration laws and finally, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed by a U.S. raid that crippled ISIS.

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We need to shift our focus and concentrate on real solutions to make America great again.

Let's start by providing commentaries that will impact a positive change.

Suzanne Forbes,



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