Filmmakers begin shooting feature film in Manchester

MANCHESTER - "The Answer," the second feature film by Massachusetts filmmaker Wade Wofford, began filming last month in the Pioneer Valley. Produced by Sara Hendricks, Andrew Clendinneng and Wofford himself, the film tells the story of Gavin, a mid-thirties born-and-raised-in-Massachusetts poet whose wife dies in a sudden car accident.

Gavin now lives in Georgia, where he is a professor of Creative Writing at UGA.

All alone away from his New England friends and family, Gavin begins to unravel. His younger brother Harry, who lives in Amherst, decides to organize a trip to help Gavin recover from the loss; he organizes a trip to backpack 60 miles of the Appalachian Trail, and invites Gavin's four closest friends from different eras of his life to join.

The six men embark upon the journey - some familiar with backpacking and others not - and find, deep in the woods, that each is battling with his own demons. Some of the men share a history; others are strangers to one another.

But all have one common thread - their commitment to Gavin.

"The Answer" is a second coming-of-age that seeks to re-define masculinity in the 21st century, paint a portrait of the under-depicted "real men" that Hollywood seldom depict, and challenge cultural notions that any film about close human relationships is a "chick flick." A true independent film from its inception to the "on-the-trail" manner in which it's being shot, "The Answer" has been in pre-production for over a year out of offices in Northampton, Mass.

The filming will take place in Rocky Hill, Conn.; Northampton, Mass.; and Manchester, Vt.The film will shoot for 16 days, and the producers hope to be finished with post-production by the end of October, at which time they will begin submitting to film festivals in the late fall/early winter.

Wofford's first feature film (made on a much smaller budget and scale) won two awards at domestic and international festivals, and "The Answer" is a strong, universal story with great characters at its heart, so the producers expect great things.

Writer/Director: Wade Wofford, Producers: Sara Hendricks, Andrew Clendinneng and Wade Wofford , Starring: John Anthony, Chris Bester, Neimah Djourabchi, Elan Even, Bjorn Gessle, Jeff Stanley & Justine Beirne, Director of Photography: Jake Hulse, Original Music: John Michael Field, Costume Design: Valerie Webster, Visual Effects: Mike Haas.

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