Dorset reservoir returns to safe level, boil order still remains


DORSET >> The Dorset reservoir has returned to a safe level after leaks in the water system were fixed by shutting off the water supply for several nights, according to the Dorset Fire District.

Jim McGinnis, water system technician, said there were six definite leaks and three suspected areas that needed to be checked out. Two main lines and two service lines have been fixed.

The district announced on Wednesday that the boil order that went into effect on Oct. 12 will be lifted once samples are tested for bacteria and other pathogens. It will not be lifted before the rains filter through the well system and into the reservoir, which could take another week or so, McGinnis said.

Six samples from different areas of the distribution center were sent to be tested, McGinnis said. The boil notice will be lifted once all samples are returned as negative. Not one sample can test positive for bacteria, he added.

Water for drinking, ice making, brushing teeth, washing dishes and food preparation should still be brought to a rolling boil for one minute until it's used.

The water system was shut off for six nights in order to bring it back to a safe level. Currently there is nine feet of water in the reservoir, 32 inches below normal,McGinnis said. That doesn't include last week's rainfall.

"We've had eight tenths of an inch for the month of October," he said. "The springs up there are dependent solely on rain. Until the rain comes, the spring production is going to continue to drop. If we have three or four more days of rain, we may be out of the woods because spring production will continue to rise."

Typically there is about 11 feet of water in the reservoir.

Check the Town of Dorset Facebook page for updates on the water situation.

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