Commentary: The Dorset School in "Wonder"

The fifth and sixth grade students at The Dorset School got to see the Wonder movie this week, and the reflections they provided were very inspiring.

"Wonder is about a boy named August Pullman," writes fifth grade student Albert Polkosnik. "He thinks of himself as normal, but everyone doesn't think Auggie is normal because he has facial deformities. When he goes to school for the first time Auggie makes some new friends and realizes that he can't change the way he looks but maybe other people can change the way they see him."

"We chose to read the book Wonder with our class because it has a message of inclusiveness, love, and caring which is a theme that we have been working on in responsive classroom this year," said fifth grade teacher Holly Hjelt. "The book offers a perspective of taking the time to understand other people's perspectives on life. This theme matches our classroom community."

Students were able to relate to the different characters. Some of the students saw themselves like Auggie because they feel that they also have a few friends that really care about them. They related to Jack Will because he was kind, helpful, funny, and a good friend. Jack did not judge a book by its cover with Auggie and Jack stood up for Auggie when Auggie was being bullied.

Students liked the way that Via tried new things and they liked the way that Summer tried super hard to be a good friend. It was inspiring to see the character Amos be friends with everyone and if he did something wrong he made it right. The students' eyes were opened up when they saw that Miranda sometimes takes her friends for granted.

"The message of Wonder is of friendship and anti-bullying," said Jaia French. "I also think that it is about how it doesn't matter what you look like, it is what is on the inside that matters."

"What I liked about Wonder was that (the character) Jack Will stood up for Auggie," wrote Taylor Casey. "I like that by the end of the movie Auggie became very popular in the school. In my opinion Auggie is amazing! Jack Will is a cool guy, too. He stood up for Auggie. I think that the lesson was that if you had to choose between kind and being cool, choose kind. Jack was a perfect example of that."

Wonder is a wonderful story of humanity. Thank you to the Village Picture Shows for sponsoring our fifth and sixth grade students at The Dorset School so that they were able to see the movie which was recently at the theater in town. It was very meaningful for the students to see the movie together as a class, especially after they read the book together.


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