Letter: A dead issue comes alive


Letter: A dead issue comes aliveTo the editor:Responding to the Journal article of Dec. 21.This topic of reconfiguration of MEMS that speaks to parking, drop off area and playgrounds should not be pushed to an Australian Ballot vote at this next town meeting unless we have time to review it thoroughly with the voters.Recent newspaper diagrams or illustrations have been impossible to understand and read. Also, the GNAT program was a problem. Three million plus dollars is a lot of money to be spending foolishly. To my knowledge, in the last 60 years we have not had an accident regarding traffic safety.Originally when the school was built, consideration was given to growth, safety, land and streetscape. Now perhaps the playgrounds need some attention, rearranging and updating. But there is no reason cars can't stop when children are crossing the street from school doors to green space or parking lots. During school hours have a crossing guard available, otherwise let them learn "stop, look and listen before crossing the street" and that means any street.Parents that drive and pick up their children should be instructed to use Main Street to enter Memorial Avenue to the school then park and drop off their passengers on the sidewalk that is presently there for them to enter the building. Therefore, they would not be crossing any street. They would exit the car directly on to the sidewalk. That is the reason the sidewalk was built there. The car then would leave by taking a left onto School Street. The current school bus pick up and drop off I believe is no problempresently and can be used as is. This would be the economic and sensible solution.The proposed plan should be defeated, if not changed, because $3 million is too much money.Deep pockets are at play here. Other projects need attention, but Mr. (John) O'Keefe wants to bond other projects with the MEMS project. He is using it as the carrot, but this projectshould stand alone.Sylvia JolivetteManchester



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