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Thanks beyond measure from Taconic Music

To the Editor: As we all know, the year 2020 came to an end with most of us grateful for that simple fact.

While this new year will not automatically or quickly wash away the circumstances that linger, it has the promise of an eventual return to at least some normalcy.

In looking back upon most of 2020, though, what have we learned? At Taconic Music, we learned A LOT that we feel will be of great value moving forward. At the top of the list, we learned that Manchester and environs are a very strong community. Not “community” in any general sense, but an area that values personal connection for its people, businesses and arts organizations.

Without such personal and meaningful connections and support, we could not have done a fraction of the concerts and special children’s events that took place between March and our New Year’s Eve celebration.

You, that broad and strong community; lifted us up and gave us hope and strength (financial and inspirational), and we in turn did our level best to keep music “streaming” out, both live and through the camera eye.

The partnerships that were newly developed or strengthened have reinforced our resolve, beyond cliché, to truly be here for you. We ARE here for you, because we live here, and so do many of you!

We have also learned — even beyond safety concerns — that livestreaming amplifies our ability to reach audiences literally the world over; offering connection to those who may not be able to visit Vermont, or who need to stay home anyway or have moved from the area. As we weigh all of the past year’s challenges and how we responded, we are sure to carry forward the tremendous gratitude we feel and the desire to stay connected.

Our heartfelt thanks go to every single person and business who donated to Taconic Music in 2020.

We would like, as well, to focus our thanks to those institutions who helped with vital, creative partnership and making performances possible.

Among them are: Burr and Burton Academy, Maple Street School, Red Fox Community School, Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester Community Library, Terrace Communities, The Studio at Strawberry Fields Lane, The Honeycomb Beauty and Wellness Center, The Strand Theater, Bennington Performing Arts Center, Israel Congregation of Manchester and The Inn at Manchester. And we couldn’t have done any of our livestreams, from any of these locations, without the indefatigable efforts of Steven Schlussel, who filmed, edited, and uploaded every performance, and GNAT-TV, who generously lent us the use of their video equipment.

Thank you!

Ariel and Joana Rudiakov,

Artistic directors, Taconic Music


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