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Stomping on solutions to our climate crisis

To the Editor: Have you ever worked for an hour or so at the beach, perhaps with a child or grandchild, building an elaborate sand castle, only to have some kid come along and stomp it apart in 15 seconds? If so, you know how much easier it is to destroy something than it is to carefully craft something.

As many of you know, John McClaughry often writes commentary in this newspaper.

He is a political conservative who appears to take perverse pleasure in shooting down and picking apart every piece of legislation or proposed solution to our climate crisis. He has actually stopped denying that the climate is in crisis, yet every effort put forth by Vermont legislators or grass-roots conservation groups is met with a snarky contempt. TCI (Transportation Climate Initiative) is an initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks; McClaughry opposes it. The Global Warming Solutions Act: McClaughry opposes it. The newly formed Climate Council: McClaughry opposes it.

So, my question to you, John McClaughry, is simple: “What is YOUR solution to the climate crisis?” Do you have one? Or are you only good at stomping on other people’s efforts? I’m only asking because doing nothing is no longer an option.

Carl Bucholt,



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