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To the Editor: An Open Letter to Senators Hawley, Cruz Jan. 7.

I have stopped listening to comments by U.S. Senators this evening condemning the attempted insurrection that occurred in our capital today. I don’t know when I have heard such unvarnished hypocrisy in an attempt to evade responsibility for the criminal activities that put lives and liberty at risk by those seeking to overturn the free and fair results of our recent elections.

The proper name for such efforts is sedition or, if you prefer treason, and those promulgating them seditionists, or traitors. They should all be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And I am speaking not only of members of the public who stormed our capital, smashed windows and otherwise vandalized it as well as creating terror among those who were rightfully inside. I am speaking also and specifically of those Senators and House members who for the past four years

have genuflected to Donald Trump, advanced his lies, and supported and repeated his treasonous statements.

Whether you did so loudly on Fox news and social media, or were silent, you are complicit. And you, as well as Trump are responsible for the violence we witnessed today.

The President long ago gave license to those with the basest of human instinct and you cheered him on! Every racist, every fascist, every liberty-hating autocrat found succor, comfort and approval in your compliance. What we saw today in the trashing of our Capital is the predictable outcome of your craven capitulation to naked ambition and your greed for power.

So stop pontificating about the ideals and traditions that made our country the beacon of light and democracy it was. You are responsible for dimming the light and degrading that democracy. It will take a generation to recover as a nation, and we may never recover our status in the eyes of the world community as a leading voice for peace, justice and the rule of law. You have seen to that.

Leslie Burg,


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