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To the Editor: While walking in the morning along the section of the Manchester Rail Trail that runs from Riley Rink to Pig Pen Road you can be amazed by the views.

Equinox and Mother Myrick are pink-tinged by the rising sun, or wrapped with wisps of clouds, or sparkling with new fallen snow. And then -- like this morning -- there are the frozen brown deposits from the previous day’s canine visitors along the trail and road.

I’ve got sad news for those dogs’ people: there is no such thing as the Dog Poop Fairy. As a kid you probably knew enough not to eat the yellow snow, yet it seems that some people think “oh, the next snowfall will take care of this other stuff … walk on!” You’re so wrong. The dog poop stays there … melting, refreezing, melting … for quite a while. It doesn’t magically go away.

The Trail sponsors have been marvelous in keeping the three poop bag stations from the rink parking lot to Pig Pen fairly well stocked. And just because the “Be A Good Neighbor” reminders are covered in snow, it isn’t an excuse to disregard them.

Grab a poop bag -- it’s a simple thing to do. Or bring one from home as you walk, snowshoe, or ski with your four-legged pal. Pick up the poop. Deposit it in the station cans or (worst case scenario) discard it at home.

There’s enough s*** going on in the world right now -- don’t add to it!

Kate Fox & Aggie,



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