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To the Editor: These days when I am going down River Road in Manchester I come to a spot where I remember what is coming up and a sadness comes into my being.

I have been meaning to write this letter for over a year but when leaving River Road life brings on this and that and I forget. Well, not today.

Why are two traditional old farmhouses so neglected that the porch roofs are caving in, other roofs have holes in them, and house walls are starting to have rot so that the framing is showing? Maybe because I work construction the view of these houses shouts out at me.

Perhaps others drive by and do not even see the vegetation growing on the roofs. I have a hard time with this level of neglect.

A few days here and there could have prevented what years of inaction have caused. I am not saying a full house renovation should happen to these farmhouses, for I am aware of that cost. But some maintenance, particularly when the houses appear to be occupied, would seem to be rational.

Joe Boutin,



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