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As I write this letter to the editor the results of the election are not known. A lot was learned this election with the early voting etc. I would like to point out some of my observations.

Regardless of who wins the Senate seats tomorrow, in the future I would ask that the local media give voters more opportunity to gather more information from the candidates and their positions.

There are reports of voters wanting to cancel out their early votes to change them having changed their minds. Widening up the time of eligible voting right after the primaries does not make for a better-informed voter. It also makes it harder for candidates and the media to get information out.

Since the campaign season started, I was interviewed by the local cable TV stations and that was it. The Manchester Journal nor the Bennington Banner did any kind of reporting on specific issues to offer candidates an opportunity to publicly put out their ideas or positions from either side. It would have been helpful for the media to dig into the candidate’s ideas, plans and opinions like in most political races or hold a debate, something to allow the contestants to air their differences.

I am not sure as to why this did not happen. Perhaps because Senator Sears did not have time for the panel discussion with the cable TV station until October.

While in the past few days the press has offered opportunities for individuals to voice their favoritism or distain towards candidates or political parties. This does not give voters anything but one person’s opinion. Had I of known that the only way to get any press coverage was to issue a press release I would have had a couple of my own.

In the future I hope the media recognizes how the changes in the voting process has affected the process of campaigning along with its responsibility to inform voters of important things that will impact their future. It is the medias responsibility to seek out information the public needs to know. As mentioned with the early voting process now in play it needs to commence much sooner as well.

There are a lot of accusations of the media favoring one political party over another. I will let your readers make that decision.

Michael Hall,


Republican candidate for State Senate Bennington County


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