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It is vital that parents know and understand the curriculum that has infiltrated our schools!

One of the hot topics we hear about almost daily and which affects students of all ages is Critical Race Theory. Those who are injecting this curriculum into our schools and universities claim that inherent racism and white supremacy are defining elements of our society. They want to divide us into oppressors and oppressed. CRT insists that whites have an unfair advantage, “privilege,” over people of color. People of color are deemed to be victims and that the deck is stacked against them.

Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement made great progress after challenging all people to judge someone based on their character and not the color of their skin. After this movement permeated the country, we have made a positive change and greatly reduced discriminatory practices. CRT would take us BACK to segregation and racial bias, which encourages resentment and victimhood. White students should accept shame for something they had nothing to do with. Aren’t such teachings of blame and negativity detrimental to children’s development? Won’t they cause many adverse effects?

Critical Race Theory should not be forced upon young children, with their innocence and yet-undeveloped minds! Children are carefree and are accepting of everyone. They are without prejudice. In the classroom they shouldn’t be taught to feel shame and guilt for imagined inherent traits.

If parents want clarity about CRT, there is an important event in early August that will interest and inform them. K Carl Smith travels the country and offers an alternative perspective than Critical Race Theory. His view of life is seen through a lens of empowerment. K Carl Smith is a man who follows the role model of Frederick Douglass. Frederick Douglass started out as a slave, was horribly treated for years, but kept his spirit and will and was determined to become master of his own life. He eventually broke out of servitude and through education achieved great success. He became an orator, a businessman, and a writer — a role model for all.

Our young school children must be taught about such role models who overcome great adversity to become successful. They need an education that will instill a strong base and confidence that they can achieve success using their own abilities. They shouldn’t be confused or burdened with issues of race, white supremacy and discrimination that is the basis of Critical Race Theory..

K Carl Smith will give a Black man’s perspective on Critical Race Theory and new segregation in Vermont schools. After an introduction by John Klar, he will speak at the East Road Pavilion (this is the upper pavilion) at Willow Park — in Bennington at 5 pm on Thursday, August 5 and again on August 7 at the Dana Thompson Park House in Manchester at 7 pm.

It is vital that parents know and understand the curriculum that has infiltrated our schools!

There will be a Q&A after the speakers finish.

Kathy Wagner lives in Sandgate.


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