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To the editor: The latest figures show that the COVID-19 childhood case fatality rate is 0.01 percent, that is, around 520 children have died since the pandemic began.

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To the editor: Residents of Richville Road, concerned about the perceived “aesthetics” of a proposed solar installation, might want to consider the “aesthetics” of this year’s climate disasters — such as the worst wildfire season on record (which brought smoky air to our region); a heatwave …


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There are two very different pictures of the current state of the Northshire Rescue Squad, the independent nonprofit ambulance service that provides critical emergency medical services for Manchester, Dorset, Danby, Mount Tabor and part of Winhall. 


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It is important to ensure the doors of our justice system remain open to those who’ve been harmed, including those harmed by wrongful government action. The civil court system is how we solve disputes, how we keep society peaceful and ordered. It is how Vermonters access justice.

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Life with a dog, simply, is better. Sure, the minute you decide to get that loyal companion into your life you’re signing up for heartache. It always ends up with you in a puddle of tears and a hole in your heart that you can drive a train through. In my life I’ve had 10 dogs come through my…

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“You can’t love your country only when you win. You can't obey the law only when it's convenient. You can't be patriotic when you embrace or enable lies.” – President Joe Biden

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