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Welch: The time for paid family leave is now To the Editor: Representative Sullivan, What's the deal? Why did it fail? What does it cost for a no vote?— Your explanation is insufficient. I had written something else for …
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Our Opinion: Mariko Silver's legacy

The departure of Bennington College president Mariko Silver after six years at the helm comes when small liberal arts colleges are at a crossroads. Silver, who has led Bennington since 2013, has been …

Stannard: Stand up, stand out or lose it By Bob Stannard Dear America,We've come a long ways in the past 244 years haven't we? We fought side by side against the tyranny of British rule. We fought against each other in our Civil War. We …
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In 1958, when I was a young Marine stationed in Washington, Tuesday afternoons were special for my Ceremonial Guard platoon. From May to September, we would be part of a ceremony at the Marine Corps … more
To the Editor: Last week I attended an informative "public hearing" in Manchester on the proposed regional compact (northeast states) to combat the significant climate change impacts posed by all … more
This year the Manchester Community Library celebrates its fifth anniversary. We are tremendously grateful to the Manchester taxpayers who have so generously supported our growth and success. Your … more
Kirk Douglas died on Feb. 5 at the extraordinary age of 103. I was never a huge fan of Douglas the actor. He always seemed a touch too intense. But I recognized the fact that his political … more
Happy Valentine's Day! Or, if you have been unceremoniously dumped by your hoped for permanent squeeze, Happy Unencumbered Day while you regroup. Now to the real message of this column. Clip this … more
The new coronavirus has spread rapidly around the globe since its discovery late last year in China. It has now infected more than 19,700 people worldwide and killed at least 425, prompting travel … more
To the Editor:During the recent holiday season, Northshire residents and visitors enjoyed a glorious reception and an Evening of Holiday Music with the Taconic Chamber Players at the Manchester … more
Police road block not the way to treat visitors To the Editor: Manchester and the surrounding Mountain Areas spend lots of energy and money promoting our region as a tourist friendly … more
The great impeachment fiasco should be about over by the time this column is printed. The impeachment itself has nothing to do with any alleged crime attributed to Pres. Trump. It has everything to … more
"With time, everything will come out — it always does. Trump's collaborators, our Vichy Republicans, will own all of it whether they were active participants in the wrongdoing, the so-called … more

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