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Billado: Democrats take taxing to ridiculous level To the Editor:Democrats have taken taxing authority to a new and ridiculous level!We know painfully well that our Democrat/Progressive legislature has an addiction to big spending with Vermont …
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Our Opinion: Mariko Silver's legacy

The departure of Bennington College president Mariko Silver after six years at the helm comes when small liberal arts colleges are at a crossroads. Silver, who has led Bennington since 2013, has been …

Graves: The 'get over it' administration By Alden Graves"I have little doubt that, within the life spans of many reading this tweet, students throughout the world will learn in their history books that a deeply psychologically unwell …
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There are some basic lessons in motivation and behavior that Vermont's proficiency-based learning education initiative could learn from this fall's high school state championships. Watching the … more
In case you haven't heard, Bennington County recently received another economic blow when the Energizer plant decided to close and move their operations to Wisconsin, leaving over 100 people soon to … more
Judge David C. Norton may be a long way from Vermont when presiding as the U.S.District Court Judge, in Charleston, South Carolina. According to NewsObserver.com, the judge did not mince words when … more
Beto O'Rourke recently ended his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president. Donald Trump, with his usual grace and civility, called the Texas congressman "pathetic." Can you imagine this … more
To the Editor:I am retired from Verizon and now live in Manchester Center since moving from New York in July 2015. I am a senior and I have personally experienced the atrocious behavior and actions … more
Our schools are the heartbeat of our communities. So when students at all of our schools excel in the classroom, first and foremost, but also on stage, in the art room, in community service and in … more
To the Editor:The Vermont Republican Party spin machine is going full tilt and the column in the Manchester Journal, "Republican values unite us," by (Deb Billado, Nov. 1) is a sad and rather unreal … more
To the Editor:The Garden Club of Manchester wants to thank Shaws for making so many people happy at Equinox Terrace.To make a beautiful flower arrangement for your room is special. I want to thank … more
As the daily drama unfolds in Washington, climate change continues unabated. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that July was the hottest month on record — almost two … more
From the days when this great nation of ours was founded, people like George Washington and his compadres were worried about the position of president. Remember, the men of those days were revolting … more

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