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Letter: Gov. Scott should lead on climate change initiatives To the editor:It is sad that the governor, in his budget speech, despite all the dire predictions about global heating and what it is going to mean for us in coming decades, still refuses to do …

Our opinion: Candidates come forward. Will you?

We've got contested races! Two candidates have come forward to stand for the Manchester Select Board seat being vacated by Steve Nichols: Todd Nebraska, a current member of the Planning …

Darren Marcy: Shuttering fish hatchery should be delayed Anybody who doubts Gov. Phil Scott's ability to get different sides of the political spectrum to work together just has to look at his administration's plans to close the Salisbury fish …
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The coming Town Meeting Australian ballot will include a question proposing $243,740 in funds from taxpayers to defray the operating expenses of the Manchester Community Library. That's a little more … more
On Tuesday in Montpelier, Agency of Natural Resources Secretary Julie Moore will host a public forum on a number of environmental topics, including the state's efforts to promote the purchase and use … more
Like many before me, I fell in love with the Manchester Community Library the moment I walked in the door.I have had the good fortune to live in many different places, and among my first stops is the … more
To the editor:The Manchester Community Library is a valuable resource to our community. A widely used facility throughout the week, it serves not only as a resource for reading material, the heart of … more
To the editor:Many thanks for Bonnie Dundas, who writes a column for another publication on ornithology (birds), a tad on entomology (insects) and astronomy. It's very informative and educational on … more
To the editor:The Vermont abortion rights bill (H.57), which is in the House now, protects a woman's right to have an abortion - the same right she's had in Vermont for 46 years. I strongly support … more
To the editor:My name is Dick Stillson and I am running as a write-in candidate for the three-year term to the Manchester Select Board. I am a native Vermonter and a 35 year resident of Manchester. … more
To the editor:Cross country skiers from the Flood Brook School would like to thank the forever generous crew at Thrifty Attic for the donation to their JISP (Junior Instructional Ski Program) on … more
To the editor:Thank you for that beautiful homage to Mary Oliver printed in (the Feb. 8 Manchester Journal).As I read it my tears flowed for perhaps the eighth time since I learned of her death.The … more
To the editor:If you don't count my dog, I'm a writer who lives mostly alone for much of the year. Some of my most productive work evolves from the cheerful array of spaces within the Manchester … more

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