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Letter: The ABCs of back to school To the editor: My husband and I have taught at BBA for decades. Maybe we taught or are teaching some of your children. Maybe we even taught you. On March 16, teachers left their physical …
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Our opinion: Learning to live with uncertainty

The past week in Manchester and environs pretty much sums up life in 2020 — and the eyeball-spraining speed at which things can change. As of last Monday, it appeared a COVID-19 outbreak …

Keelan: The danger of councils that act like legislatures On the front page of the July 9 Wall Street Journal, it was noted that United Airlines Holdings is contemplating the layoff of 45,000 employees. This follows American Airlines' plan to do the same …
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"The IRS finally caught up with Louis," says the ominous voice on the radio. "I hadn't paid the IRS in 8 years," says Louis. "They were going to take my house; take my paycheck". "Louis was … more
There are over 200 species of owls and because their principal food is rodents, they often live near humans. Their huge, immobile eyes help them see in the darkness and they have a third eyelid which … more
To the Editor: Zion Episcopal Church & St. John's Chapel wish to acknowledge and celebrate the devotion and service of its Rector, Father John S. Mitchell, for the past 25 years. Rev. … more
To the Editor: The recent uptick in COVID-19 cases in this area is a stark reminder that we are not immune from the global pandemic. Vermont's infection rate remains enviably low, but that can … more
To the Editor: The entire character of residential East Manchester Road and adjacent side roads is under threat. The proposed Boorn Brook Farm development on Bensons Road would insert a huge … more
To the Editor: The Black Lives Matter movement has driven another political "wedge" between the left and the right. The Black Lives Matter movement has advocated against police brutality and … more
It's raining off and on. A perfect time to tackle those plastic containers in the basement, packed with ancient frames, discolored photos in disarray and full of the odor of must. I must get rid of … more
"The president is the most informed person on planet earth." - Kayleigh McEnany, White House spokesperson who was never going to lie I know that people can't be blamed for keeping an eye on the … more
I am writing on July 1, the first day of our company's fiscal year. Looking back always accompanies the plans for the future. January, the first month of the calendar year, is associated with … more
Last week most Americans celebrated their first mask-wearing, socially distanced, pandemic, COVID-19 Fourth of July. No town organized fireworks or festivities. No large gatherings. Not like it was … more

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