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Letter: Weiland ignores climate history To the Editor:Weiland Ross's "Climate change reality check" in the October 11 Manchester Journal claims that the climate change movement is the voice of "panic driven hysteria." Oddly, he doesn't …
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OpEd: Public records should be free for inspection Vermonters shouldn't have to pay for access to their government's public records. Government transparency is far too important to be revoked by government agencies when they feel …
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My mother's family comes from the hills of western Pennsylvania. As a young boy our family summer vacation inevitably meant my being stuffed into the back of our station wagon for a trip to … more
I recently watched an eight-part series on Netflix appropriately called "Unbelievable." (I can be careless with spoilers, but I will try to avoid any crucial revelations.)The series was co-produced … more
I've lived in a small Vermont town for the past 22 years. In that time one thing has struck me time and again: how very, very, very important it is to show up. Unlike the large, anonymous suburb … more
It was a pretty good time. World War II had ended a decade earlier. Returning soldiers found jobs that paid reasonably well and they raised families. Mom stayed home with the kids while dad went to … more
Let's consider what is necessary to keep and what to toss. There are a number of critical documents that should not be discarded. Keep forever Birth certificates, Social Security cards, marriage … more
We've been taught about climate change. We've been taught about the range to which scientists and politicians believe that the change is real.Yet, for some reason, no groundbreaking discovery or … more
(This is the text of Cohen's speech given Sept. 20 at the Manchester Climate Strike.)"Who is the slayer? Who the victim? Speak." Twenty-five hundred years after Sophocles wrote those words our global … more
I knew even before attending that this event was going to stir up much of Manchester and the surrounding towns.I knew that we as a community, as a nation, and as a planet would be widely opposed to … more
Growing up, I thought my family was green. We made sure to turn off the water when brushing our teeth, and the lights when leaving the room. When I went grocery shopping with my parents, we used … more
Back-to-school season has begun across America. Millions of children have returned to classrooms, ready to start a new school year. Now, thanks to the Trump administration, hundreds of thousands of … more

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