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Letter: Firm, forceful stand adds voice to reason To the Editor:I take this opportunity to thank you for the opinion pieces in your last two editions with special kudos for the articulate op-ed pieces by Alden Graves.Indeed, the chants of Trump …
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OpEd: What is the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation? Now that I am officially a "retired CPA," I can devote a little more time to my own financial affairs — much of which have been ignored over the past 50 plus years.I had decided to continue to …
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Last week, the Trump administration announced its latest attempt to take food away from over 3 million veterans, families and older Americans in need by forcing Vermont and 42 other states to change … more
By now it is eminently clear that not only did Russia interfere with our 2016 presidential elections to assist the campaign of Donald Trump; they are working hard right now to ensure Trump's … more
When they're not sitting in front of their personal screens; be it a phone, iPad or a computer, they, the kids, are pretty easy going.Most of the time they like to play outdoors, visit a local farm … more
The concept was that the federal government would be the sole provider of health insurance for all Americans. It would be an expansion of the existing Medicare coverage, which currently covers … more
Clean water funding is a win for Vermont. And like so much of the Legislature's work, it addresses climate change. Clean water funding restores our natural environment. When the environment is clean, … more
GNAT-TV and community media centers across Vermont and the country are local assets that need to be protected and supported now more than ever. Community Media Centers keep us connected. We inform … more
10,796. Remember this number.His tiny finger has too firm a grip on the hair trigger increasing the chances that the gun goes off accidentally. One false move and history is repeated; and not in a good way. … more
If we want a Vermont that works for everyone in every part of the state, we need to do better getting high-speed internet access to every corner of the state. It wasn't so long ago that access to … more
One of my top priorities as attorney general has been to build a criminal justice system that keeps communities safe and reflects Vermont's values. I believe that as community we should work … more
The 2019 Vermont Legislative session came to a close. The House of Representatives closed down May 24. The Senate ended May 29 — it had no choice. The House members had all gone home. So now … more

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