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Letter: Browning to run as independent To the Editor, I will be running for re-election to the Vermont House as one of the two representatives for Arlington, Manchester, Sandgate and Sunderland. It is more important than ever that our …
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Our Opinion: Mariko Silver's legacy

The departure of Bennington College president Mariko Silver after six years at the helm comes when small liberal arts colleges are at a crossroads. Silver, who has led Bennington since 2013, has been …

Burns: Vote by mail is the safe choice for 2020 No voter in Vermont should have to choose between staying safe and exercising their right to vote this year. But there is no question that during this pandemic, in-person voting can be dangerous …
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Racism is with us everywhere in the United States — including Southern Vermont. It's our nation's Original Sin, committed when Europeans stole the land and its resources from its original … more
One hundred fifty-nine years ago, on May 28, 1861, the Manchester Journal published its very first edition. It was a four-page broadsheet newspaper, written, edited and printed just steps from … more
To the Editor: The League of Women Voters of Vermont supports every citizen's right to vote in a safe and secure manner. It is our position that Vermont should be among the 20-plus states that are … more
To the Editor: A recent flurry of political signs promoting Pat Winburn for Governor have appeared here in Southern Vermont along Route 7 and probably other places where I do not travel. … more
One of the more curious aspects of Gov. Phil Scott's first two terms in office has been his administration's willingness to suggest ideas late in the Legislative calendar. Some ideas resulted in … more
Disclaimer: I am a life member of the National Education Association. Also, I am not normally one of Gov. Phil Scott's most loyal fans. However, his proposal, made last week to deal with Vermont's … more
To the Editor: On Thursday, May 14, we filed our statements of candidacy to represent the Bennington-4 district — Arlington, Manchester, Sandgate and most of Sunderland — in the … more
To the editor: Is our Vermont Republican Gov. Phil Scott trying to kill us all off one by one? His latest policy regarding the coronavirus is appalling. Telling the public here in Vermont that it … more
Don't take my word for it. Just survey the policy failures in recent years. The debacle at the Vermont State Colleges System is just the latest in a series of failures of inaction or half action. … more
It took less than a week for the chancellor of the Vermont State Colleges System to withdraw his proposal to shutter three state college campuses, but it was enough time for Gov. Phil Scott to weigh … more

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