The Seminary Building at Burr and Burton Academy. Burr and Burton Academy went into a “lock-in” status this morning where students were sequestered in their classrooms as staff and police defused "a student situation."

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MANCHESTER — Burr and Burton Academy went into a “lock-in” status Monday morning, with students sequestered in their classrooms as the school dealt with a “student situation.”

While many details could not be discussed due to student privacy issues, Headmaster Mark Tashjian and police said the issue was not a student or public safety issue and was quickly resolved.

The Manchester Police Department was called, but according to dispatch, there were no arrests. A student was transported by MPD, but officer Ryan Matteson, who responded with Detective Abigail Zimmer, said he could not give more details.

“We arrived on scene and the incident was pretty well secured by BBA staff at that point,” Matteson said. “We assisted Burr and Burton staff to de-escalate to the point that the student could be transported for further services. There was no real threat. They did enact what they referred to as ‘secure to classroom protocol,’ where buildings and classrooms are secured. Teaching goes on as normal.”

Tashjian said that while it’s referred to as “lock-in,” he said that makes it sound more serious than the situation was.

“All we wanted to do was keep everyone where they were,” Tashjian said. “This wasn’t a situation where there was a danger. It’s just ‘stay where you are and let us get things defused.’”

Matteson said police arrived about 8:50 a.m. and Tashjian said a 9:20 a.m. assembly began on time.

Tashjian announced the lock-in via email to families at about 10:30 a.m.

“This morning, we had a student situation that merited extra caution,” Tashjian said in the email. “As a result, we called for all students to remain in their classrooms on what we call a ‘lock-in.’”

Tashjian said there was no immediate risk to students or staff.

“At no point was danger imminent, but we took this step as an added precaution so we could deal with the situation with minimal distraction,” Tashjian wrote.

“Our team, working with the Manchester Police Department, defused the situation,” he said.

“In the interest of student privacy, we are not able to provide any further details,” Tashjian wrote in the email. “The physical safety of every student in this community is a top priority. With the lock-in ended, we proceeded with a normal assembly, and we are continuing on with the school day.”

Matteson said MPD officers receive training for just this type of call.

“It focuses on de-escalation in certain events we may respond to,” Matteson said. “I think it’s important to have that training.”

Tashjian praised the officers.

“Officer Matteson was extremely calm and de-escalating,” Tashjian said. “He was really good. I was beyond impressed and very grateful.”

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