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There are so many things to think about each time a hunger pang clangs our stomach walls. How many calories/points/snacks do I have left? Should I have protein, fat, fruits or veggies? Does this contain too much sugar? Too little? Is this a macronutrient or micronutrient?

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Many people swear by diligent meal planning efforts and dedicate themselves to it religiously each week. I was recently contacted by a local California newspaper to discuss meal planning for an article addressing just that. I started thinking about how to position myself as an expert meal pl…

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Someone recently told me he thought my column was going to be all about the foods I loved as a kid, featuring my Gramma’s favorite recipes. First, as I’ve mentioned, I was a hefty kid, so my favorite childhood foods would be malted milkshakes and, though delish, they’d never make the cut, si…

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