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It was plan C. We had planned to drive five hours to Mammoth Mountain to ski. Raising my children in Southern California, I was shocked when I realized that our school would not host a weekly ski program. There would be no half-days before the students were whisked off to ski. I’m not sure h…

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As a (not so) little girl, I struggled with a lot of things, one of which was finding snow pants to house my rather large mid-section. It didn’t go unnoticed by my 8-year-old compatriots who often asked whether I could see my toes over my stomach and why my mom was skinnier than I was. Thoug…

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No matter where we look, whether it’s the mirror, a magazine, social media or the internet, opinions are everywhere. We’re told, “don’t eat that, eat this,” preferably combined with something else in a certain order, maybe even on a certain day. We may hear about a great weight loss program …

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