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The Manchester Community Library is pleased to share the 2021 Community Poem titled “Mirrors and Portals,” an original poem created by the community for the community.

It was constructed line by line throughout the month of April -- National Poetry Month.

Manchester Poet and Manchester Community Library Patron Claire North provides the theme and opening lines, then community members add to it on the Library website.

Contributors to the poem include: Mary Pisaniello, Mary Scriber, Reg Jones, Mary Butera, Glenn Gunther, Sidney Staunton, Jr., Ray Stevens, Sharron Kropa, Barbara Powers, Alice Gilborn, Lucy Norman, Ann Graham, Robert Collins, and Annette Sabatino.

Mirrors and Portals

The mirror was the portal -- the global tide pushed me through it, and I shattered and sharded into a new galaxy.

I had arrived into the unfamiliar, unsure…

Bathed in a new light of revitalization

(For now, as in Corinthians, we see through a glass darkly, known even as we are known…)

As I became myself many times over, likewise, were the opportunities that abounded.

From these boughs, sweet flowers flowing, fragile flowers, pink and white, amid the darkness of the night.

Floating into the stars, I was released from my earthly weight.

And now we spin with yellows, whites, and oranges – mottling of life stages and some communal enrichment.

Mirrors ahead and mirrors behind: was the future bound to be the past?

Confused, I hesitated and then embraced the chance.

Through my portal I became aware of the passage of time when I glanced into my mirror – and was startled!

In my mirror, life’s fragility; out my window, April’s renaissance.

Careful steppingstones through sooty fog, into golden, warm, new – what? Exactly what?

No longer just composing thoughts, I will write them.

To be sure, there was a faint smile on my face, corners of my mouth were turned up, I knew where I was!

And through the shards of glass, I stepped into a beautiful green place: virus-free, worry-free.


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