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Editor’s Note: These are the prepared remarks, with slight editing, by Wayne Bell on Saturday, Oct. 24 at the Applejack Grandstand.

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The Manchester Select Board filled an empty seat on its board Tuesday for the second time after the first appointment ran into a snag.

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Andrais Stetson was doing everything right. The Burr and Burton Academy senior wore his mask all the time, even when he didn’t really need to.…

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BROC Community Action announced today that Vermont State Representative David Durfee has been elected to its Board of Directors for the organization.

MANCHESTER — No. 4 Burr and Burton and No. 13 Rice were locked into a tightly contested battle on Tuesday. Neither Division I squad could get on the scoreboard. 

Over the next few days those who have not already voted will do so and bring this election cycle to a close. For me and my running mate, Kathl…

Eight months ago, I attended Town Meeting in all four communities I represent. I stood before voters in Arlington, Manchester, Sandgate and Su…

Every day there is a new announcement from the Vermont Secretary of State’s office proudly proclaiming how many people have cast their ballots weeks before election day on November 3rd. As I’m writing this opening paragraph that number is about 150,000. By the time I reach the end the number will likely be much higher. This is not a good thing. It’s certainly nothing to be proud of.