You show them


This letter is from the MEMS school crossing guard

To the Editor:

From the crosswalk where I stand I see so many things. For thirty minutes each morning, in the rain and snow and heat and cold, I

stand.I see so many things that warm my heart and make me smile even on the coldest days. The way you talk with your kids as you walk them in, the hugs and kisses and then the waves as they turn back and smile at you before they walk into the building. The best part of every morning are the children I see. I know them now and they know me. They smile and say good morning and sometimes tell me about something exciting in their lives. I try my best to make the first part of their school day welcoming and warm.

From the crosswalk I see parents begrudgingly park in the designated lot to drop off their children, inconvenient and far away, because it's the right thing to do. Children learn their most important lessons from what you show them rather than what you tell them.

From the crosswalk I also see things that make me shudder and stop my heart cold, even on the warmest days. I see cars pulling up in front of a sign which prohibits STOPPING IN THE TRAVEL LANE, parking in front of signs that state NO PARKING and TOW AWAY ZONE. I hope that someday your children will learn to pay more attention to signs that may read DANGER or HIGH VOLTAGE. I see buses full of children waiting longer to get into school because you are stopped in the bus lane. I see cars veering into oncoming traffic to park the wrong way on the opposite side of the street, I see you barely put your cars in park as your children jump out the door and into the street.

From the crosswalk I see you pulling away in all directions, talking on your phones, holding cups of hot coffee, distracted and driving away too fast.

Children learn their most important lessons from what you show them.I am not there to enforce any laws or rules, I am there to make sure your most precious gifts have a safe path on their way into school.

Please help me in keeping them safe.

You show them.

Diane Sendra



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