What about Protein?

To the Editor:

In reading yet another letter from Brent Regan about the so-called "vegan" diet, I come away asking two questions. Why write these letters and what about protein? His sales pitch for a vegan diet fails to address the lack of basic protein. Without meat, fish, dairy products and other things on the vegan don't-eat list, people will suffer from various problems associated with a protein starved diet. Severe weight loss, dehydration, swelling of the abdomen, renal failure, diarrhea, pulmonary disease and death are some of these problems.

Doctors say to eat a "balanced diet." Walking around with no muscles and feeling weak is hardly a good idea. All of the medical problems Mr. Regan lists that he says are a result of eating meat can also be caused in other ways. For example, lack of exercise and heredity can cause high blood pressure. Keeping is shape and eating the right foods is a good idea regardless of the meat issue. Speaking of diabetes, protein is good food as it has little sugar as a byproduct. A lack of sugar can cause hypoglycemia and death even in a diabetic.

Mr. Regan appears to be selling his vegan diet. One has to wonder if he owns stocks in it and will profit somehow.

Regardless, doing what your doctor tells you and eating the right foods is best for your health, not a "vegan diet.

Tom King



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