Well worth it

To the Editor:

For the past six years I have served on the Flood Brook Union School Board, and for the past year I served on the Mountain Towns Regional Educational District Board. This Town Meeting Day I will step down from both boards as my terms end. During my time I have met a multitude of interesting and intelligent people; advocates on many topics, parents, teachers, paraprofessionals, members of our support services team, administrators and students. It has been a rewarding stint of public service, and one that I recommend to everyone who has an interest in education. I have learned a tremendous amount about Vermont's convoluted educational finance system and have become steeped in education technology, in the intricacies of Flood Brook's buildings and grounds, and in negotiations.

This past year is the year where I believe the board has shown its best moves. We changed administrations, changed supervisory unions and merged the towns of Landgrove, Londonderry, Peru and Weston into a RED. It was a lot of work and all good stuff for our students, parents, members of our educational community, and taxpayers. The changes leave Flood Brook and our pre-k and secondary educational system in a strong position to thrive and continue their success as one of the finest school systems in Vermont.

I want to thank everybody on current and past boards for their help, consideration of all issues that came before us and their amazing ability to remain thoughtful and unbiased in their decisions. And mostly, I want to encourage other civic minded people who have a commitment to the education of the young people in our community as well as a commitment to the taxpayers, to come forward and serve. It is well worth it.

Douglas S Friant Londonderry


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