To the Editor:

Now that the regular 2013 NFL season is officially over and the Dolphins have been eliminated, maybe, just maybe the bullying investigation will finally be made public. I'm sure no official results will be released until Miami is done for the season. After all, it's taken about two months now and still no word from the investigation. We all know what happened, as the voice mails and emails of the victim were handed to the NFL. What this proves is that the revenue and public image of the Dolphins and the NFL are more important to the league then any bullying in a locker room. Once the cash is counted for the season we may hear about the investigation. Until then, well we already know what happened anyway!

Some backwoods players and coaches harassed and abused a football player who happens to represent a minority and a much larger group of victims of bullying in America. Using this hateful behavior as an example of bullying at schools, sports and at work is the right thing to do. Bring it out in the open and expose it for what it really is. Then, do away with bullying for good.

Tom King



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