Vote for Stannard


To the Editor:

I am writing to urge my fellow Dorset citizens to cast their vote for Jack Stannard for the Dorset Select Board. Like so many in and around Dorset, I have come to know Jack relatively well.

I am deeply impressed with his intimate knowledge of the Dorset area and its history and his environmental and community consciousness. As our culture grows increasingly toward "placelessness", and with it the loss of a sense of community where we are more than likely to be among those, as one author has imaged it, "bowling alone," it is rare to have someone in our midst who was born in Dorset and has grown up here. Jack knows how important it is to preserve a sense of place and the community it supports and I am confident he will stand for those essential values that constitute the identity of Dorset as a community that are so threatened by a mindless consumer culture that would place a market value on everything we once regarded as sacred. Once these values are lost, we are lost with them, and like the carrier pigeon and other extinct species, they are not likely to return. A vote for Jack Stannard for for the Select Board is a vote to sustain and protect what makes Dorset a unique and living place.

Donald R Ferrell, PhD



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