Vote for Nichols

To the Editor:

I am writing this in regards to Steve Nichols whose term is up as Selectman to the town of Manchester. Steve has done so much for our town and I hope he is given another chance to do even more.

Steve is our native. Have you ever watched him at a meeting? I watch them from my own home and as far as I can see he is not shy to voice his opinions, although at times I've seen him ignored. What is wrong with electing a local person ? Steve knows what's where and how long it's been there and what the town should sensibly do without having to raise the local mans taxes. He's a good man and yes he does care a great deal about Manchester.

I don't think half of you on that Board are aware of the amount of people who are ready to leave Manchester because they can't afford to live here anymore. We do have one man that will help you and that's Steve Nichols. Vote Steve!

Linda Bovey Manchester


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