Vote for Garceau

To the Editor:

I served with Dan Garceau during his first term on the UD23 School Board and I recall how well he served with such a high level of enthusiasm and dedication.

He distinguished himself as a conservative watch dog and manager of public tax dollars. Dan has managed to serve consistently with that same level of enthusiasm and dedication throughout his years of public service.

Dan has been attending and actively participating in Select Board meetings for many years. Dan's participation has been consistently positive and constructively critical when needed. In all fairness, I should compare Dan's record at Select Board meetings with that of his opponent. Unfortunately I am unable to do that because his opponent has rarely, if ever, been in attendance to participate.

Dan Garceau has served his country and is serving his community in an unselfish manner that reflects his ability to commit and perform.

Dan is a hard working self employed businessman who operates his business in Danby.

He is well aware of "what is going on" and stays in touch with a wide range of Danby residents. It is no wonder that Dan wants to serve on the Select Board and has decided to seek a seat on the board.

Please consider voting for Dan Garceau to be on the Danby Select Board. He will represent you and act in the best interests of the whole Town.

The position of a town auditor, in my opinion, has been minimized and almost over looked during campaigns conducted to elect local town officials. Perhaps we have forgotten that Danby taxpayers voted to reject the Annual Financial Report at the 2012 Town Meeting Day.

Since recent Danby Town Budgets have totaled more then a million dollars, it is necessary and prudent that the people elected to audit a million dollar budget should have training, skills and experience that equips them to be able to properly monitor and audit all budget transactions.

Richard Smith is a candidate for the office of Danby Town Auditor. His education, work experience and acquired skills qualify him to perform all duties associated with the position of a Town Auditor.

Richard Smith's 30 years of successful work experience supervising and auditing private and public budgets worth millions should convince Danby Taxpayers to vote him into office on March 5.

John Iurato Danby


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