Volunteerism, a personal story

MANCHESTER - It is two o'clock Sunday morning and the dispatch tone pierces the silence of the night.

You jump from your warm bed to respond. With lights flashing and siren blaring you respond to an emergency call for one of your neighbors.

You are met at the door by their family member who greets you by name and begins to tell you how glad they are it was you who had responded.

You arrive at the patient who apologizes for getting you out of bed this early in the morning. You assure them that it's okay and that you are here to help them. You and your partner assess, treat and transport your neighbor to the hospital offering confident reassurance and treatment along the way. Upon arrival at the hospital you introduce the nurse and physician to your neighbor and turn them over to their care. As you leave, the patient thanks you for your care and tells you how much better they felt when they realized that it was you who had responded to their call for help.

A couple of hours later as you climb back into your bed, all the hours of classes and the endless nights on call that have taken you away from your families have now been put into perspective. You do this for your loved ones, for your friends and neighbors so that when there is a crisis in their lives they may feel a little better knowing who is taking care of them. So they all know "anytime, anywhere, we'll be there."

Without the selfless people who give of their time and energy this scenario does not happen, Manchester Rescue Squad is looking for some of our friends and neighbors to help us, we need volunteers to help answer those calls for help. Are you looking for a way to give back to your community? We are in need of volunteers willing to make a commitment to their community.

Approaching 50 years of service, the Manchester Rescue Squad, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, responds to over 1,200 emergency calls a year.

For more information, to volunteer or learn about taking a CPR/First Aid class, call Mike Casey at 802-362-1995, or check www.manchesterrescuesquad.org


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