UPDATE - Inn at Manchester approved for 'Event Barn'

MANCHESTER VILLAGE - The Inn at Manchester received a permit for a new "event barn" at the development review board's meeting Wednesday, Nov. 6. The application was approved unanimously.

The structure, described by owner and innkeeper Frank Hanes will be built in "traditional, New England" fashion.

"We intend to put in a event barn that will have open floor space, a kitchen for catering and two guest rooms upstairs," he said.

The structure will be made up of a 50 by 60 foot barn, with a small addition for storage in the kitchen, Julie Hanes said. There will also be a cupola on top of the roofline, she said.

There will be a main entrance, of traditional barn doors, but there will also be a false front of fake doors, mimicking the false front of the carriage house currently on the property, she said.

The structure will also have a covered patio, as well as an area for an outdoor fire pit, he said.

The "event barn" will be located in between the Inn itself and Shepard Lane.

Instead of providing food from the inn itself, the kitchen will have a catering kitchen set up for outside vendors to bring food in, he said.

"We've spoken to several restaurants in town, prominent restaurants, and gotten advice on what would we need in this kitchen to support a catering operation," he said. "We will have no association with the food at all, basically."

Because the space is near other properties, and will be used for events, all adjacent properties were sent notice of the proposed space, Jim Carter, the Manchester Village administrative officer said.

"We've taken that [noise] into consideration, this is a heated and air conditioned building and all events will be indoors, as opposed to outside...and we will adhere to the bylaw of the eleven o'clock (p.m.) shutdown," Frank Hanes said.

While there will be outdoor overflow to the patio for cocktails, there will be no music or band set up outside, Julie Hanes said.

Last week, the design advisory committee approved the design and aesthetics of the event barn.

The event barn is being built to help further grow the Inn's business, Frank Hanes said.

"We are anxious to grow our business," he said. "We have a beautiful property and can't wait to make it prettier."

Hanes said the Inn's business is based on the relationships they build with their guests. These same relationships gave birth to the idea for the space. "We heard from various brides and grooms that they wanted a traditional New England feel to their events year round," he said. "We listened to them and hope this addition pleases them."

The space will not just be for weddings and parties; Hanes said it is their hope for it to be utilized by the community at large.

Julie Hanes, one of the owners and a member of the development review board, recused herself for the presentation.


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