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MANCHESTER >> The Northshire Bookstore will be holding a series of events featuring several recently published authors.

Wednesday, August 17 - 6 p.m.

Anam Thubten - Embracing Each Moment: A Guide to the Awakened Life

A delightful set of teachings on the path to liberation from a Tibetan Buddhist master who makes the teachings accessible to one and all.

The awakened life is the essence and aim of the Buddhist teachings, according to Anam Thubten, and this book is a guide to cultivating the awakened mind and heart that allows this wonderful kind of life to happen. He illuminates the path to awakened living in a way that's concise and completely accessible to anyone of any background--reflective of the diverse backgrounds of the students who attend his popular talks on which the book is based. We all want to be happy, says Anam Thubten. This seems to be our strongest impulse. Primarily our happiness comes from our state of mind, though we can't deny the fact that outside circumstances play a big role. When we learn to embrace each moment of our lives, we're empowered to let go of our emotional patterns and false beliefs about ourselves, and we discover the compassion that's been there all along.

Friday, August 19 - 7 p.m.

Joseph Cardillo, PhD

Body Intelligence: Harness Your Body's Energies for Your Best Life

Joseph Cardillo, PhD, is a top-selling author in the fields of health, mind-body-spirit, and psychology. An expert in Attention Training, creative thinking, and body energy, Dr. Cardillo has taught his methods to more than 20,000 students at various colleges, universities, and institutes. He is a regular contributor to Psychology Today and is the author of Be Like Water, the body-energy classic. He holds a doctorate in holistic psychology and in mind-body medicine.

In Body Intelligence, Joseph Cardillo, PhD, combines Western science, technology, psychology, and holistic medicine to show that we must first balance the body's energies before we can enhance the mind. Based on cutting-edge ideas, this perennial guide teaches us to tap into our energetic sweet spot and identify specific steps we must take to remove energy blocks. Packed with exercises, self-tests, and step-by-step instructions, Body Intelligence provides all the interactive tools for beginners and experienced energy-balancing practitioners alike to improve and understand the specific energy needed to live a happy, healthy, fulfilling life. So open the door to a vivacious, vivid life and start living the matter-over-mind way; your best way.

Saturday, August 20 - 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Writing Workshop with James Crews

In this one-day workshop, those attending will explore what it means to write into the heart of mindfulness. How do we pay deeper attention to our lives in order to turn that raw material into poems, essays and stories? We'll do several writing exercises throughout the day and look at work by others that employs deep listening and close observation to show the world as it actually is. Space for this event is limited. To get your ticket visit www.northshire.com or visit our Manchester store.

Saturday, August 20 - 7 p.m.

John Elder - Picking up the Flute

For 37 years John Elder taught English and Environmental Studies at Middlebury College and the Bread Loaf School of English. His special interests in the classroom included American nature writing, Romantic and contemporary poetry of earth, and Japan's haiku tradition. His last three books have combined responses to Vermont's landscape and environmental history with discussions of literature and memoir. Picking Up the Flute both reports on John's immersion in traditional Irish music since retirement from Middlebury in 2010 and reflects on the surprising connections between teaching and music, Vermont and Ireland that have enriched this chapter of life for him."

Joseph Cardillo


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