To the Editor:

Obviously Shakespeare's advice did not apply to Mr. Loureiro who needed not one but two letters to the editor on Nov. 2 to remind us of the constant lies, the endless flip-flops, the fantasies, the fairytales, the hymns of hate, the exaggerations, false policy reversals that Romney and Ryan have assaulted and insulted us with during the past year.

In essence a scripted mantra that all of the right wing Republican fanatics have been spewing forth from the very beginning of the Republican debates that began late in 2011.

I must point out no lie, no fairytale, no fantasy bigger than describing Romney as the Great Job Creator. In fact while the governor of Massachusetts, Romney's record of creating jobs was the fourth worst of all the 50 states.

In the same newspaper issue I urge everyone to read or reread the thoughtful, objective, and honest comments of Roger Squire who summarized all of the past failures of the extreme right wing fanatics that they have imposed on the American public under the guise of their special "Patriotism," their "we know best elitism," their obvious disdain for the poor, the incredible arrogance of Romney and his vile comments about the so-called 47 percent earners, a disgrace to the moderate Republicans everywhere who disagree with his philosophy, and a disgrace to millions of Americans who struggle to keep their families together, to keep them afloat, hoping that at the end of each month they will be able to pay their obligations period. Millions he knows nothing about.

Hal DeBona Dorset


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