To the Editor:

When the Republican majority in Congress and the Republican minority in the Senate wanted to delay the Affordable Care Act (ACA-Obama-care), because it wasn't ready for prime-time, our Democrat President, Senate and House members stated that it was the law of the land, and could only be modified by congressional action, subject to Presidential veto. The House of Representatives submitted several Bills to the Senate concerning revisions to the Law but the majority Leader, Harry Reed refused to allow an up or down vote. Subsequently, the ACA gets modified unilaterally by President Obama's issuance of dozens of waivers for compliance to his friends, supporters, and the unions, etc., followed by dozens of delays of the Law's milestone dates. One questions the legality of this action since Presidents should not be promulgating Laws.

In one of Senator Obama's speeches when running for the office of the presidency, he told his audience that he taught constitutional law for ten years - further saying that unilateral actions by a President was unconstitutional and therefore un-American, and would not be tolerated if he was elected to the office. What happened to this statement by the "constitutional scholar"? Has he forgotten his initial beliefs or does his current actions fall into his other prevarications: "You can keep your current health care plan if you like it - period"; "You can keep your current doctor if you like - period"; "You will be getting a $2,500 deduction in your health care costs."

These unconstitutional and un-American actions by our President, and the dictatorial actions by the Senate majority leader, Senator Reed, have disrupted the democratic process for crass political reasons. We must all, (of every political stripe), lobby for the cessation of these illegal proceedings, and put the legislation of law back in the hands of the peoples representatives, the duly elected Senate and the House of Representatives.

Perry Green



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