Unanswered questions


To the Editor:

Now that the Manchester Chamber of Commerce is dissolving into bankruptcy, there are unanswered questions about the relationship between that event and the defeat of the $25,000 taxpayer funded appropriation for the regional marketing initiative.

Manchester taxpayers were never told that the continued existence of the Chamber depended upon passage of the $25,000 regional marketing initiative. Did Chamber representatives tell the Selectmen, before the measure was placed on the Town Meeting Day Australian Ballot, that the Chamber's future depended upon the passage of the $25,000.00 appropriation? More specifically, if $25,000 in taxpayer funds was to support a regional marketing initiative, why did its defeat spell doom for the Chamber? Was some of that money to be used by the Chamber for operating expenses?

These lingering doubts suggest that the $25,000.00 taxpayer appropriation primarily benefitted the Chamber, and was essentially a taxpayer funded bailout. This sorry episode emphasizes the folly of our Selectmen approving taxpayer dollars to support "marketing efforts" that are best left to the business community, and which do not benefit the public at large.

Bradley D. Myerson

Manchester Center


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