Triumph and Tragedy at The Boston Marathon

Every time there's a tragedy that doubles as a senseless act of mindless violence it's a reminder of the fragile world and times we live in. As we write this, it's the morning after the sad events that occurred yesterday afternoon during the Boston Marathon, turning what should have been a day of triumph of the human spirit and one of the greatest sporting spectacles in the world into a scene of carnage, injuries and needless suffering, to say nothing of fear and anxiety.

We don't know yet who was responsible for this stupid act of wanton violence. For those who lost lives, limbs or endured injuries, it may not matter if it was the act of a sick individual or one of deliberate terrorism. We can only hope the perpetrators are found and justice is served.

While we're grateful to hear that, as far as we know, no one from our immediate area was among the injured, our thoughts and prayers go out, along with everyone else's, to those who were caught up in the tragedy and saw what was a brilliant, beautiful day in Boston turned into another reminder that random acts of violence are, sadly, a part of life.


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