'Travels with Epicurus'

MANCHESTER - Daniel Klein presents "Travels with Epicurus: A travel book," a witty and accessible meditation, as well as an optimistic guide to living well.

"Travels with Epicurus" is a delightful jaunt to the Aegean and through the terrain of old age. Klein will be discussing the book on Saturday, Jan. 18, at 7 p.m.

From the bestselling author of the writing team that created such critically acclaimed books "Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar" and "Heidegger and a Hippo Walk Through Those Pearly Gates" was faced with something of an existential crisis recently when, at the age of 73, his dentist told him he'd need to choose either a denture plate or tooth implants. If he chose the implants, he would have to undergo several painful orthodontic procedures spread out over the span of months. If he chose the dentures, he'd be stuck with a "clunky old-man smile" and restrictions on what he could eat. Klein initially planned on going with the implants. Upon further reflection however, he decided against the drill and went to Greece instead.

Travels with "Epicurus: A Journey to a Greek Island in Search of a Fulfilled Life" is his meditation on that experience. With all of Klein's trademark humor and wisdom, he reflects on what one of his favorite philosophers, the sage Epicurus, could teach him about embracing those pleasures available only later in life. Klein also learns much from those elderly Greeks with whom he spends time chatting with in tavernas, men who have learned to enjoy a more leisurely pace of life and whose age is seen as an emblem of distinction. In Greece, Klein writes, saying that a man "wears his age on his face" is a compliment. This is a useful tonic to those accustomed to the youth-obsessed culture of the U.S. and Klein reminds us, as he reflects on both daily life in Greece and on the beliefs of classic Greek philosophers, that old age is something to be valued, not shunned.

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