Transfer station redesign could be included in Shaftsbury garage prokject


SHAFTSBURY >> The Shaftsbury Select Board is considering a redesign of the town's transfer station and recycling center, should they decide to locate a new garage adjacent to that site.

The board invited Jason Dolmetsch, of MSK Engineering and Design, to speak about one of the proposed sites for a new town garage, near the transfer station on North Road. "Jason and I went over the site on Friday," said town administrator David Kiernan, "and he had some great observations."

"One of the first things I came up with," said Dolmetsch, "is, I really feel it is possible to put it where you want to put it, but the likelihood that you would be happy with it and its placement in relation to the road would probably be pretty low. Then we broadened our perspective a little bit, and started looking around the upper plateau at the landfill area, and started asking questions about what the longevity of those existing structures is, and how married are you to the recycling and transfer station as it is. It seemed like the buildings that were there aren't sacred, and they're probably not something you want to design around, and, rather, it might make sense to look at the whole site holistically, and ask the questions, where is the best spot for the building, where is the best spot for the transfer station and recycling center, and where is the best spot for the water building." He said trying to "shoehorn" the garage into the existing site would only result in something that neither he, nor the town, would be satisfied with.

Another suggestion Dolmetsch brought to the table was putting the salt shed at the top of the plateau, near the garage, rather than at the bottom of the hill, where the idea had been floated to put it, due to lack of space at the top. "It's nice to have the salt by the trucks, and it's definitely nice to have the salt at a place that you don't have to salt to get down to to get the salt out," he said.

Board chairman Tim Scoggins said the idea of including the transfer station in the project was one that had come up in conversations between himself and Kiernan in the past, and that the additional expense would be negligible. "I think it makes a lot of sense," he said.

"We are going to tear down the transfer station at one point or another, because it needs a lot of work that we don't want to spend money on" said Kiernan, noting that the rafters were rotting.

Art Whitman made a motion to allow Dolmetsch to prepare a design for the entire site, which the board agreed to by consensus. They said road foreman Steve Washburn and Trevor Mance of TAM Waste Management were the two most important stakeholders on the project, and the two people with whom Dolmetsch should work most closely. Dolmetsch said he would return to the select board with a cost estimate for a site plan.

Kiernan also suggested setting up a committee to act as a liaison between all the parties involved and the select board. "We have to have discussions that are not the full select board," he said, "because every time we'd go to talk somewhere, it would be a (warned) select board meeting." He suggested that the committee be made up of two select board members, and at least two road crew members, including Washburn. Once that group is decided, they will meet with Morton and discuss the specifics about what they would need in a new garage. Board members Art Whitman and Ken Harrington will represent the town on that committee.

The Shaftsbury Select Board meets the first and third Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at Cole Hall on Buck Hill Road in Shaftsbury. Full recordings of their meetings are available on Catamount Access Television, and on the station's YouTube page.

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