Too many debates


To the Editor:

Debates, debates, debates! What we need are more debates. I have to ask why do we need anymore debates? If you have not been paying any attention to this presidential race I doubt that you will tune into any new debates. If voters don't know by now that all of the presidential candidates have repeated over and over again their agendas, then how will more debates help? These debates are really just politics as usual on a debate stage. Hillary Rodham Clinton pressed for another debate vs Senator Sanders on Thursday night in NH. She was thinking that since she was so far behind Senator Bernie Sanders in the polls there, she could get the democratic party that backs her to make it known that she is the party's nominee, not Bernie Sanders. It didn't work. The debate was the same old same old issues that we've heard for months. The Democratic party really won't decide on the nominee, the voters will do that.

The Republican debates have been going on for months and watching anymore of them is not what people want. It's almost like this entire election process started way to soon. Most people just want to hold the election and get it over with. Let the candidates go on bus and train tours or something as long as they're not debating. Goodbye debates!

Tom King



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