'Time to act' is over

To the Editor:
The "opinion" piece "Climate Change: Time to Act" of July 1 requires a response, and correction with facts. Unfortunately for the author, Richard Scribner, the time to act on the belief in man-made global warming has passed. The latest data from the U. N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shows no significant global warming for the past 15 years.

The data came first from the U.K. Met (Meteorological) Office, showing no rise in the world average surface temperature since 1998. This was a crushing surprise to the doomsayers who are predicting disaster by 2050, and catastrophe from rising temperatures, rising seas, and melting ice by 2100.

The predictive models backed by the IPCC assumed that temperatures would increase as CO2 increased, starting more than a decade ago. They claimed, with "high certainty" that man-made carbon dioxide was the dominant forcing factor in climate.

The temperature results have smashed the predictions of all 84 models.

Using their own statistics, reality has contradicted their predictions with 95 percent certainty. This has been admitted by leading IPCC scientists, who admit that they don't understand what happened, and they are looking at other forces, such as soot, oscillations of ocean currents and (surprise) variations in solar activity.

Furthermore, the efforts of Barack Obama and the EPA to crush the coal industry are rendered into a pointless economic disaster. If increasing CO2 is not causing warming, why attack sources of CO2? The very mandate of the EPA to regulate CO2 is based on the claims that increased temperature threatens human health. Data from worldwide publications of the past six years (including my own) show that as temperatures warm, death rates from heart attacks, strokes and pneumonia go down. There are seven times more lives saved by warming than the lives lost from heat waves. The EPA, therefore, has no mandate for CO2 reduction under the Clean Air Act.

Now is the time to act. Let's stop the scare stories about man-made warming, and stop the campaigns against our most economical sources of energy.
Howard Maccabee, PhD, MD


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