Time for new blood

To the Editor:

Recently, Judy Livingston, an ex-Vermont legislator, hosted a get-together to allow Republican candidates to highlight their experiences and tell us why they can better improve transparency, efficiency and practicality, to satisfy Vermont's citizens and businesses current and future needs. This they accomplished effectively.

Unfortunately, Randy Brock, running for Governor, could not attend, but his record is well-known. He served as Vermont state auditor, is in his second term in the state Senate, and served as executive vice president for Fidelity Investment Co., a large financial firm. Also, he was an Army captain and won a Bronze Star during the Vietnam conflict.

Other candidates filled us in and impressed us with their philosophy of what the government can and should not do. While they were all impressive, Wendy Wilton deserves a little extra mention.

As Rutland's treasurer, she turned an inherited $5 billion deficit into a $3.8 million surplus in her five years and received the "best audit" in 32 years.

Besides the competence of the Republican slate, it would be wise to introduce new blood to ensure a greater degree of checks and balance. Keep in mind the current Governor is a Democrat as is the vast majority of the legislators.

Val Loureiro Manchester


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