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To the Editor:

It saddened and disappoints me that so many of my well educated liberal acquaintances don't know or care of the facts of President Obama's background, history, or his acquaintances. They never heard of Van Jones, a recent terminated czar in the administration, or Frank Marshall Davis, the acknowledged spiritual father and mentor to Barack, both acknowledged communists. Nor do they know or care much of Obama's adherence to Saul Alinski's radical redistribution ideas, or both their connections to the corrupt and discredited ACORN organization. It doesn't bother my friends that Obama attended Dr. Jeremiah's Wright's church for 20 years, claimed Dr. Wright was his mentor, and also was God Father to his daughter, yet he never objected to the hateful anti-Semitic and anti-American sermons of the pastor. Further, my friends didn't know that in his U. S Senate term he didn't author or even co-author a single piece of legislation, and in his two terms in the Illinois senate the vast majority of his votes were, "present," an obvious method to leave no pro or con record for his rivals to challenge him on. Furthermore, they don't know the extent of the problems of his almost 4 years as president. They seem surprised that: the over 8 percent unemployment; under 2 percent/year GDP growth vs. well over 3 percent prior to his term; and 25 percent federal (vs. a prior 40 yr. average of about 20 percent); over 1 billion deficits; are all realities over his term and the worst record since the great depression of the 1930s. Are we to conclude that these fairly successful and educated friends are more concerned for their short term wellbeing then to do their proper homework and consider the history and abilities of the one to lead our great country for the betterment of all its citizens over the long term? To be fair, I think our media has not presented the proper information and analysis required to help my caring friends, but also all the other yet undecided citizens.

Val Loureiro Manchester


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