They'll be missed


To the Editor:

Dorset has lost three lifelong residents in the last two weeks. Helen and I have seen these citizens with whom we grew up leave this valley and our sorrow is personal and heartfelt. All three were born, raised and educated in Dorset in a time that life here seemed simple.

The first was Jane Parks Beebe, who was one of John Park's 18 children. She was married for 66 years to Harold Beebe and in addition to her duties as a farmers wife, she served the town of Dorset as assistant Town Clerk and was mother, advisor and cook for herJour fine sons.

The second was Pete Abbott, also a farmer, who married Betty Johnson of Manchester and together they brought up a daughter and three sons. After the loss of their barn, Westview Farm became a home-style inn and in addition Pete labored the rest of his working life, until retirement, as a skilled plumber for John Stannard Sr. and his company.

Last, but in no way least, was Eugene Vermette, who was born on small farm, just down the road from my family's home. His upbringing was strict and spartan. 'Gramp', as he was known to his friends, lived with his mother, his sister, Evangeline, and his brother, Ellis in a home that lacked indoor plumbing for many years. A hard worker, he was a caretaker and such for many home owners in Dorset. His wife, Anna, also of Dorset, died many years ago.

These neighbors were a substantial part of the fabric of our small Vermont community. They shall be missed by all of us who knew them.

Terry Tyler



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