The Yankee Chef: Let me gloat a little bit

I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know what is going on with The Yankee Chef, and well.....maybe gloat a bit.

As many of you know, I have been waiting for my first cookbook to come out for some time now and I am very proud to say that the day is finally here.

Simply called "The Yankee Chef," it was published by Schiffer Publishing of Atglen, Pa. and I must say, it is absolutely beautiful.

As odd as it sounds, the introduction and epilogue are the most valued parts of the book because I discuss the road it took me to get to where I am, and much information about the first two Yankee Chefs.

It is available through my publisher, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many, many other sites online.

Just type in The Yankee Chef cookbook and you will see not only where you can purchase it, but the 8 (5-star) reviews I have garnered already. For those of you who would like a personally signed copy of my cookbook, just email me at and I will reply promptly.

My main site, theyankee is currently under a renovation finally so hang in there.

It will be gorgeous when it is done. You will be able to purchase my book there as well, but refer to my main blog for the time being,, for hundreds of recipes and a link to my book.

Also, I will be going on a book signing tour hopefully in April, although that is dependent on yet another "luck of the draw" I recently was informed of.

I am currently putting together a pitch/pilot for the food network so lets keep our fingers crossed.

I have also retained, who I think is the best in the business of PR, a publicist of NYC by the name of Tom Estey.

If anything can be done with the brand The Yankee Chef, it will be this man.

I am very proud to have been making cooking videos with MPN productions as well, which you can view online at many dozens of sites. I wish I could be more specific but, again, just type in The Yankee Chef and away you go.

Thank you everyone for being so patient with my rambling, but I am simply thrilled that my brand has gained so much attention and great reviews.

I thank you also for reading my column and I truly appreciate the feedback, comments and ideas I have received from you. Keep them coming and I promise to keep responding, regardless of what great things may happen in the future. I will always be accessible.

The Yankee Chef ..........It's Just That Simple!


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