The un-wisdom of 'them'

Recently, I wrote a column about the wisdom of Robert Dole, a pillar in the Republican Party (former US Senator, vice presidential candidate and presidential candidate as well) As I wrote he was a true American patriot who fought fiercely for Republican programs, who understood only too well the need for compromise if our legislatures were ever to accomplish any good for the great majority of Americans.

I am now turning to the un-wisdom of "them" ("them" being a conglomerate group of extreme right wing Republican ideologues who from day one of the Obama presidency have done everything they could to prevent any and all of his programs or his proposals to have any chance whatsoever of ever becoming law).

In no order of their relative importance "them" includes Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity, Karl Rove, Morris, Mary Matalin, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, and many more. Some are haters of Obama, some are racists and some are bigots who refuse to work even with their own moderate Republican constituents and leaders as well.

Recently, Limbaugh shouted, "Santa is not the way to end poverty." What he should have said instead was, "Scrooge is no way to end poverty." For too long the extreme right wing Republican ideologues have espoused the program of cutting taxes drastically for several years, thereby cutting federal revenues. This forces the Congress to cut ongoing programs entirely or drastically, so that these programs would be useless. This insanity has never worked in the past. It will not work now. When attempted in the past, it led to more unemployment, reduced discretionary income, more people living below the poverty line, and more people homeless. Currently "them" wants to end universal Medicare guarantee, jeopardize Social Security, oppose measures that would protect seniors from abusive financial practices, protect women's health and safety, weaken consumer protections, undermine Pell Grant Programs for low-income students, and much more.

They continue to lose presidential elections and afterward blame everyone; that is, everyone except themselves and their defeatist programs. What they should do instead is spend time studying the history of the Republican Party and all of the programs that contributed to the success of moderate Republicans winning the presidency and the failure of extreme right wing's ideologues to do the same. Republicans winning the presidency and the failure of extreme right wing's ideologues do the same.

Their latest effort is to make voting involving minorities as difficult as possible. For blacks and Latinos particularly, 31 of the 50 states have now introduced new legislation that is aimed to accomplish one thing and one thing only: make it as difficult for these people to vote as possible. This is not a democracy; this is fascism. Aware that the extreme right wing ideologues have little or no appeal to the minorities, the ideologues hope to be the party of whites gathering the great majority of white voters and ignoring minorities if need be at the same time.

It would be inaccurate to title this column 'The Stupidity of Them.' They are not stupid; they are highly intelligent human beings. However, I suggest that they reread and re-study Aristotle's theories about logic. Their premises are for the most part simply wrong, thereby making their deductions incorrect. In 1956 Gov. Adlai Stevenson ran as the Democratic candidate for president and asked one of the audiences if they had heard or read his new definition of the Republican Party named, Republicans: don't just do something. Stand there.

Obviously, some of "them" have learned and practiced this definition well.

Hal Debona is a resident of Dorset.


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