The sun shines brightly

To the Editor:
We have been grappling with the issue of climate change now for some time in our community. We can go back and forth debating the science of it all but I believe we are arguing in the wrong direction. The question should be which is the more elegant solution for capturing energy. Do we stay the course and continue to burn fossil fuels and accept their consequences? Or do we embrace the energy revolution of sun, wind and other breakthroughs that are yet to come? We are on the precipice of an energy revolution. We may want to pause and mark this moment. It is an exciting and, at the same time, uncomfortable place to be because it requires change. Perhaps our grandparents felt this way when the world shifted from the horse and buggy to the automobile. I am sure more than a few held fast to the old ways as the world changed all around them.

Innovations always begins with the visionaries disguised as hippies and garage tinkerers, pursuing a seemingly outlandish idea. Then the experiment continues with a few brave souls who are willing to give it a try and share the experience with their neighbors. In my house, we are Call in' on solar, with our newly installed solar panels on our workshop roof. When the sun shines, we smile broadly knowing that our meter is spinning backwards as our mini power company hums away.

We were at the recent community meeting discussion on wind power in our state and someone sarcastically said, "What do they expect us to do, put solar panels on our roof and drive electric cars?" What a great idea. That is exactly what we should do.

Americans used to be the "can do" people who led the world in innovation, not a nation of arguers. I want to see that spirit come back. I think it is still there beneath all the noise. We have a lot of work to do together as a community and as a nation.

Gotta go test drive that electric car I have my eye on.

Lisa Laberge


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