The 'Hundred Year Snooze' comes to Fisher Elementary

ARLINGTON - The classic story of Sleeping Beauty is told with a new twist when Fisher Elementary School's third, fourth and fifth grade students perform Dave and Jean Perry's musical, "The Hundred Year Snooze," on Tuesday, Oct. 27, and Wednesday, Oct. 28, at 6 p.m. in the Mack Performing Arts Center. Donations will be accepted to benefit the Arlington Music program.

"The Hundred Year Snooze" tells the story of a beautiful princess (Emma Hoover) who possesses gifts bestowed upon her by the kingdom's Seven Graces (Molly Burnham, Kaitlyn Cherry, Lottie Fischer, Sophie Granger, Kylie Prins, Lauren Travers, Ciara Wright). The Eighth Grace (Danielle Moscarello) has been forgotton, so she casts an evil spell on the princess. To ward off this evil spell, the five "wise guys" or Sages of the kingdom (Austin Carrier, Mark Corey, Gabe Luce, Cameron Morris and Aiden Moscarello) outlaw all spinning wheels. However, one day, the princess pricks her finger on a spinning wheel and falls into an enchanted sleep for 100 years. Her parents, the king (Zack Tobbin) and queen (Alorah Hoyt) of the castle, and a court-full of fun characters (Jason Bowen, Xander Hawley, Phoebe Marlowe, Ella Moses, Kolby Naaktgeboren, Jake Thomas, Taylor Wade) also fall under this evil spell given by the ignored and forgotten Old Grace. Can the dashing prince (Tyler Seeley) save the princess and the kingdom? Evan Hosley and Dominic Whalen are narrators and jesters of the play who help tell the story. Also rounding out the cast are Fisher students: Maria Blay, Abigail Bowen, William Burgess, Nevaeh Camp, Montgomery Crane, Olivia Fiske, Kendra Gibbons, Clarie Grupe, Hunter Hill-McDermott, Natalia Hoyt, Cooper Jennings, JoeJoe McCray, Jacob Morse, Kyra Morse, Cassidy Pickering, Sarah Tilley, Brielle Tift, and Makayla Towne.

Arlington Music and Chorus teacher Patti Cody is excited to share this production with the community.

"This is a new play for our school, and one I'm truly enjoying producing. The music is really nice. It gives a few students the chance to sing solos along with the big group numbers, which makes it fun and interesting for the audience. The cast is one of our largest ever, with over 40 Fisher students participating, but they are very energetic and quick to learn."

In producing the play, Cody is assisted by Pianist Peggy D'Amour, Stage Manager Brian Howe and student volunteers Jesse Keel and Lee Krulikowski.

For more information about the play or to make a donation to the Arlington Music program, contact Cody at or 802-375-2589 The Fisher Elementary School mission is to create a safe, caring, and respectful environment where students are able to achieve their academic potential from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade.


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