Thanks, Andrew


To the Editor:

I recently learned that the long-time managing editor of the Manchester Journal, Andrew McKeever, is stepping down to take a new position at GNAT.

Andrew first asked me if I would be interested in writing Op Eds for the Journal almost exactly two years ago. As a then-19 year old, I was ecstatic over the opportunity to put my thoughts to publication. It was an incredibly generous opportunity that I will always be grateful to Andrew for.

During his time at the Journal, Andrew has run the paper exactly as any good newspaper should be run. His editorial discretion has been on-point, his coverage (and photography) of local events and happenings has been superb, and his objective tone has made the Journal a publication that sticks to impartiality rather than today's frequent media sensationalism. Even if you disagree with the positions in his editorials, he presents his arguments in a way that is well thought-out and respective of other peoples' positions.

Recently, after the Journal underwent several layoffs, he took on the initiative of managing all aspects of the paper: editing, formatting, reporting, photography, and many more responsibilities that I am unaware of. His work and dedication to preserving the integrity of the Journal has been remarkably impressive, to say the very least.

During his time at the helm of the Journal, he has built up a reputation in the greater Manchester community as someone who is friendly, fair, and willing to listen to all sides. It is no surprise that he is the frequent choice to serve as moderator for many local debates and events.

I think I speak on behalf of the Manchester community when I say thank you to Andrew for the incredible job you have done at the Journal. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Hayden Dublois


Hayden Dublois is a recent graduate of Burr and Burton Academy, and an economics student at Middlebury College. He is currently working for Lt. Governor Phil Scott's campaign for Governor of Vermont.


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