Than you Manchester and the Bookstore

To the Editor:

I'm not a resident of Manchester, but I'd like to offer a word of appreciation for the success of the "roundabout" and town center project. The people of Manchester and town officials deserve kudos for a job well done. During the course of this summer with the bursting forth of the newly planted flowers the over-all beauty of the project strikes me each and every day.

And now to top it off, the Morrow family and the Northshire Bookstore are adding even more beauty to the open area between the bookstore and the circle. They have planted trees, are installing a beautiful marble pathway with marble benches, and they have had the Jefferson sculpture restored by the original artist. The Jefferson sculpture is now relocated to a prominent location right next to the circle.

The work on this public area is being expertly executed by Ogden and Chalmers Landscaping and Stonework, a business that is also connected, through marriage, with the extended Morrow family. Thank you, Mitch, Steve, and Justin for your taste and skill with stone, soil, and trees.

The Morrow family and their Bookstore are doing this improvement at their own expense. We are all fortunate to have people such as Ed, Barbara, and Chris Morrow in charge of one of Manchester's cornerstone businesses. They have, time and again, gone the extra mile for the betterment of their town. To be sure, no one asked me to write this letter and the Morrows may be embarrassed by it, but I have felt compelled to write. Their dedication, service, intelligence, and good taste have added so much to all of our lives here. Thank you.

John Nassivera



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