Taken aback

To The Editor:

As regular readers, we were taken aback while learning that a "Cow Plop Fundraiser" was planned for the Manchester recreation park on July 4. We hope that this marks the last such affair. When our son's life was imperiled some years ago from necrotizing fasciitis ["flesh-eating bacteria"], the first question the immunologist raised while examining the wound he incurred playing pick-up football was: "Has he been around cows?" We later learned that he was injured at the site of a previously-hosted "Plop Fundraiser" sponsored by our local School Board, much like that scheduled in Manchester. Necrotizing fasciitis inflicts a mortality rate of 76 percent if diagnosed within three days. Delayed identification of infection usually rules out chances of survival.

Fortunately, once apprised of the dangers implicit in "Cow Plops," our School Board prohibited the practice, recognizing that embedded cow spores long outlive the utility of any fund-raisers. Risking the health of young people by compromising the ecological balance of their recreation fields is unwise. More creative and less dangerous methods should be employed to support worthy causes in the future.

Paul and Barbara Loatman

Mechanicville, N.Y.


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