Supporting the Hampton Inn

To the Editor:

I wanted to echo the thoughts expressed in last week's letter to the editor by Sheila and Russell Mills (Hampton Inn is needed, May 30). I'm also a frequent traveler, with 40 hotel nights and 35,000 airline miles so far in 2014. The division of the company I work for has about 435 people who travel for work, most far more than I do. All the while we earn rewards through frequent flyer and hotel awards programs. When these 435 people go to plan their vacations, they look to use those rewards for free flights and free nights at hotels.

Currently, Manchester offers no ability for them to come and spend time with us, and to enjoy everything we have to offer. The more different segments of the vacationing public we can accommodate means more people who have the opportunity to come and visit us, and spend the money they saved on airfare and hotel costs at our shops and restaurants. Do we really want to go out of our way to make it difficult for these travelers to vacation in Manchester?

John Williams



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