Supporting Goodwin

To the Editor:

I wish to voice my strong support of Charles (Tim) Goodwin, who has been endorsed by retiring Rep. Oliver Olsen to take over his House seat, representing the towns of Jamaica, Londonderry, Stratton, Weston and Winhall.

Tim is running as an Independent, and enjoys the support of a broad coalition of bipartisan legislators, including Sen. John Campbell, D (President Pro-Tem). With his 30 year background as a financial specialist, past school board service, and his current work as a Weston Lister, Tim has the targeted skills and experience to tackle the critical issues in Montpelier facing our towns - most notably Education Funding/Property Tax Reform. Under the unfair and oppressive Act 60/68, 70% of our towns' education tax collected is sent to the State Education Fund in Montpelier. Projections for next year call for the largest increase in the statewide property tax rate since the passage of Act 68. Tim will be our skilled advocate in continuing the search for an equitable school financing alternative.

Tim has served Weston and the District tirelessly over the years in many volunteer capacities - closest in my experience were his actions last fall following Irene's devastating visit to Weston in helping secure FEMA assistance in restoring the lower floor of the Weston Playhouse, as well as his many hours of tractor time spent hauling flood debris to the dumpsters.

I am proud to support Tim, and look forward to voting for him on November 6.

Patrick Walsh Weston


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