Support your Library

To the Editor:

I would like those who read this letter to know my thoughts about the Mark Skinner Library and the soon to be Manchester Community Library. I have been a member of the MSL since 1945. Throughout the years, I have haunted the library for books of all shapes, sizes, and genre. It has always been one of my favorite places to go to for fun, excitement, and mystery and since the addition of videos and computers, it can round out anyone's day.

MSL also has a myriad of programs for children and adults. If you have never been to the MSL, may I suggest you go and find out what they offer and take advantage of it. Just sign up for a library card and you will be good to go. I also want to assure everyone that the funding the library asks for each year at town meeting is truly to help pay for operating expenses and is not used in any other way. When I found out a new library was planned for Manchester, I made it my business to begin attending the monthly MSL board meetings (open to the public) to find out how a new library would be funded. I found that all of the money for the new building would come from donations and grants and it has. The fundraising committee in charge of the new building has done a wonderful job securing funds without asking for a cent of taxpayer dollars. For those of you who have not yet made the library a part of your life, try it, you will not be sorry.

Support our library at Town Meeting on March 1. Your vote can make a difference.

June Gutbier



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